Refund Policy

CryptoStops does not refund subscriptions. Every subscriber will receive service for the paid time period. If the subscriber decides to discontinue the service, then the service will remain active for the remainder of the paid time period. The service will then be deactivated for the subscriber after the paid time period is over.

10-Day Free Trial, Monthly, and Annual Subscriptions.

Every visitor to the CryptoStops website and who would like to try the service has the option of a 10-Day Free Trial Subscription. After the 10-day trial period the subscriber will be automatically enrolled into the Monthly service plan at a cost of $19.99 per month.

Alternatively, a subscriber can choose the Annual plan at a 15% discount to the Monthly plan at a cost of $204.

A subscriber may switch from the Monthly plan to the Annual plan. The subscriber needs to cancel the Monthly plan subscription, then sign up for the Annual plan. Service for the Monthly plan will stop at the end of the paid time period and the service for the Annual plan will start on the same day. All of the entered asset data in the subscriber account will be maintained.