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At CryptoStops, we first provide important behavioral trading knowledge to every interested person who wants to participate in the transformational digital world that is cryptocurrencies and tokens. We then provide a simple, easy to use structure that everyday people can use to prepare a trading plan for their assets.

We have developed this questions and answers (FAQ) section in the hope of providing insight into our products, and communications. This FAQ will be updated on a regular basis with answers for additional questions from our subscribers.

What is CryptoStops?

CryptoStops is a web-based crypto asset tracking and notification program to empower individual traders to more easily enjoy managing their own crypto assets. Notifications are set on price, percentages, or other types of positions you select for your assets. This is designed so that you will be informed when the time is right to make a trading decision.

We may add or delete notification types or the algorithms used for different notification types at any time, with or without notice in our sole discretion.

We do not initiate any trades for you, but we will do our best to provide you with up-to-date tracking of the latest current or closing prices, and will notify you when the price threshold you selected has been reached. At that time you will need to make a decision whether or not to sell the asset.

What are Risk Management Tools?

CryptoStops Risk Management Tools are algorithmic mathematical formulas designed to monitor crypto asset prices traded on exchanges located throughout the world. Subscribers select from the tools provided to be notified when a specific asset reaches a threshold price. Typically this is to help make a decision regarding when to sell an asset. These tools are provided to help traders design a trading plan for their assets.

What is a Trailing Stop?

A trailing stop on CryptoStops is a set limit for an asset price decrease based on the highest price of the asset tracked in our system. The trailing stop will automatically change as the market changes. It is designed, hopefully, to allow investors to see higher profits while also mitigating losses.

Let’s look at an example.

Matt buys 10 Fossil Coin at $20 per coin. Matt adds a 10% trailing stop. If the shares go 10% below $20, Matt will sell the coins. So, if the price of the asset fell to $18 ($20 – 10%), the coins would be sold. However, if the price of Fossil Coin rises instead, then the trailing stop also rises. If the asset price went to $40, then the trailing stop would be $36 ($40 – 10%). If the price then falls to $36, Matt would make the decision whether or not to sell the asset.

10% was only used in the example above because it was easy to do the math. Determining your trailing stop depends on your risk tolerance. If you set the stop too large, you might incur more loss than necessary. If you set it too tight, you might miss a profit. It is up to you.

Which exchanges do you track?

CryptoStops tracks cryptocurrency and token assets globally and obtains averaged price data from over 80 exchanges including

  • GDAX
  • Poloniex
  • KCoin
  • Kraken
  • Bitstamp
  • Huobi

CryptoStops retains the right to change cryptocurrencies and token assets being tracked without notice.

Do you track anything besides crypto assets, like Mutual Funds, bonds, ETF’s, indices, or options?

No, CryptoStops does not track these types of assets.

What does the service cost?

We offer subscription-based service levels.  Please refer to our product page to view pricing details along with the features available in each subscription level.

What is CryptoStops’ refund policy?

If after 10 calendar days of signing up for your subscription you are not satisfied you may request a refund. Simply contact the CryptoStops Support Team within 10 days of signing up. If after the initial 10 days of your subscription you wish to cancel, then please contact the CryptoStops Support Team. You will be charged only for those months you used the service up to, and including the month of the cancelation day. Subscribers can email

Can I transfer my CryptoStops subscription?

No, a CryptoStops subscriber may not transfer their subscription to another person. Each subscription is unique to that subscriber.

How can I get help if I have a question or issue with my CryptoStops account?

You may contact the support center at

If we are not available and you leave a message, we will normally get back to you within 24 hours.

What Are the Risks of Trading in General?

Cryptocurrency trading is risky. The prices of crypto assets, coins and tokens, are volatile. You can lose all of your money.  The entire industry is very young and started with the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. Successful trading involves careful thought and planning along each step of the way; understanding your goals, investigating assets, and deciding how much to buy.

But for too many traders, especially new traders, the planning process ends there. Without an exit strategy in place, knowing when to sell, decisions are left to guesses, hunches, or emotions.

How many times have you sold an asset too early, leaving potential gains on the table? How many times have you held on to a loser with the hopes that it would bounce back, only to watch it continue to plummet? Putting together a trading plan is simple and incredibly powerful. It can help take the guesswork out of when to sell, giving you a solid strategy to optimize your returns based on your risk criteria.

Nothing published by CryptoStops should be considered personalized asset advice. Although our team members may answer your general customer service questions, they are not licensed under securities laws to address your particular asset situation. No communication by our employees to you may be deemed as personalized asset advice.