Step-by-step Instructions

Set Up Your CryptoStops Account

These instructions include text and images to help you register for an account, create portfolios and enter assets into those portfolios, and navigate around the CryptoStops website.

How to Register for a CryptoStops Account

  • Go to from your internet browser.
  • Click the Sign Up button.

  • Enter your Email address, chose a password, name, phone number, and billing information.You will need to use a credit card. (In the future we will work for subscribers to be able to use both debit and gift cards.) You will have to check the “Yes, I read both documents and agree with them “ box which is located below the mobile number field.


  • When you are finished entering your information click the Submit button.


  • You will see another page pop up notifying you of your registration success.

  • And you will get a confirmation email.

  • From here you can either click the My Profile link in the email (which will take you to the website) or go back to the Registration page and click on the Log In button.

How to Login to CryptoStops and create a Portfolio

  • Enter you email and password and click the Login button. Your email address is also your User Name for this website.
  • Check the box at the button left if you want the system to remember your email/User Name.
  • This is also the page where you can reset your password. See the read text link under the Remember Me box.



  • The My Account page is displayed. From here you can do several things. Right now you are going to create a portfolio. The portfolio will hold the information for your crypto assets. Your assets will be tracked for price and your chosen Stop Loss tools in real time as soon as you enter them.
  • Click the Create Portfolio button.

There are 2 kinds of portfolios, Watch and Asset. An Asset portfolio holds the information of the assets you own. A Watch portfolio holds the information of assets you want to watch, but not own, yet. A Watch portfolio is versatile in that you can use it to track the price action of assets for any number of reasons.

  • You can create several Watch portfolios, but usually only one Asset portfolio is created.
  • Check to box of which kind of portfolio you want to create, then click the Save button.


  • If you need to delete a portfolio, check the box at the right and click the Delete Button.


Adding asset information to your portfolio and selecting the Stop Loss tools.

  • Click the View button. It is located in the View Assets column. This will bring up the empty portfolio you just created.


  • Click the Add Asset button.

  • Click beside the Please Choose field. A text field will appear.
  • Begin to type the asset name in the field. The system will try to guess what you are typing and will display some possible crypto assets from which to choose.

  • When you see the asset listed click on it to choose it.


  • When the asset name is in the text field it is selected.
  • Click the Next button to go to the next page.

  • Enter the “Date of Purchase.” This can be the date you did purchase the asset, or any date in the past from which you want to track the price of the asset.
  • If you know the price, then enter it. If you want the current price averaged from more than 80 exchanges around the world, then click the Get Price button.
  • Enter the number of assets to track.
  • Click the Next button to go to the Stop Loss Tools/Notification page.

  • There is a lot of information on this page. There are 5 tools from which to choose. You can pick one or more tools for each asset to be tracked.
  • Each tool can be used for different reasons, which are too many to describe here. Basically, you will look to set a price from which to make a decision to sell the asset or not.
    • This is different from what you will find on the exchanges. Those stop loss commands on exchanges are sell orders. Once you set it you don’t have a choice not to sell, unless you cancel the order.
    • CryptoStops believes you should follow your trading plan, but always look to see if there are outside factors that may be temporary where the price might bounce back quickly. Crypto assets are volatile and the whole market can be significantly affected by rumor.
  • When you are finished selecting the tool and entering the percent or fixed amount to track, then click the Submit button.

  • You will be taken back to the Crypto Asset page. Click the My Account button to be brought back to the portfolio page to start the process over..


  • Click the Settings button.
  • This page is where you select whether you want Notifications sent to your email, your phone via text, or both.
  • Check the indicated buttons to choose. If you don’t choose at least one option, then you will NOT receive any notifications.



Other actions to take

Home Page

  • If you are logged in and you click on the Home button from any page you will be brought to the Home page. The Sign Up button is replaced by the Dashboard button.
  • From the Home page you can go to several places in the website.

  • Clicking the Dashboard button from the Home page will take you back to the My Account page. This page shows the current status of all of your portfolios.

Profile Details

  • Click on the Profile Details button. Only your phone number is in this page. This is the phone number that text messages will be sent. You can change the phone number on this page.

Account Details

  • Click the Account Details button.
  • This page contains your name and email address. Your email address is where you will receive Notifications, if you select to get Notifications that way.
    • If you change your email address then you have also changed your User Name to the new email address.
  • This page is also where you can change your password.


Subscription Type

  • Click on the Subscription Type button.
  • All subscribers will receive an initial 10-day free subscription. This will be automatically rolled over to a monthly subscription unless it is canceled. Refunds are not provided. Instead, if a subscription is canceled, then the subscription will remain open until the payment period is over, whether it is the 10-Day free subscription, a paid monthly subscription, or an annual subscription.

Card Information

  • Click the Card Information button.
  • This page displays your credit card information. If you need to update the information for a different card for payment, then do it here in the fields indicated.